Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Kush Collection - Lookbook

Sometime ago I did a shoot for clothing brand The Kush Collection.  We put together a lookbook, check it out.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Model: Alexandra Papadopoulos


The other day I did this shoot with model Alexandra Papdopoulos at a local motel in Malibu, CA.  Keegan Gibbs and I worked together on this project.  Keegan helped with the story line of the project and also shot the video.  We shot this more like a voyeur style shoot.  Really wanting to capture her natural emotions, movements and energy.  We wanted to be like fly’s on the wall when shooting.  

Motivation: A heartbroken 20-something damsel in distress checks into a hotel shortly after abruptly breaking up with her teen-love boyfriend of 5 years, looking to shave herself from her old identity of being “his girlfriend.”

One of my favorite shoots to date for sure.  Working with Alex was nothing less than professional.  She was onetime, ready to work, artistic, and really played the part of a heartbroken girl perfectly.  Looking forward to shooting with Alex more.

Here are some of the images from the shoot, to view the final picks check out my website http://www.johnhildebrand.com

Would love to hear from you about this shoot.  Let me know what you think.

Model:  Alex Papadopoulos - Video
Alex is with Next Models in LA
Styled by Rock and Revolution
 Check them out on Facebook
Retouching: NYC Pro Digital

Check Out the Video that Keegan did.

Alex Papadopoulos from Keegan Gibbs on Vimeo.
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Anti-Paparazzi Bill - Vote YES on AB 2479.

Repost this everywhere, twitter, blogs, facebook, etc.

Did you see the front page of the LA Times website talking about our anti-paparazzi bill?  http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-paparazzi-20100826,0,2713334.story

The anti-paparazzi bill that we’ve been working on since last November is finally going up for a vote in the California Senate on Thursday, August 26th, 2010 – some time during the day.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office are all in support of the bill along with the Paparazzi Reform Initiative.

However, the bill is definitely not assured to pass.  Some Senators who have never even seen a paparazzo may not understand the danger and mental anguish they can cause.

It is important that we call and email all the Senators we can to encourage them to vote YES on AB 2479.

We don’t have to contact them all.  We’ve made a list of the ones that may need the most encouragement along with their email address and some phone number.

The Senators do monitor how many calls and emails they get.  They really do listen.  We have a chance to get this bill passed which will put stiffer penalties in place for paparazzi who chase people in cars – and even more severe penalties if they chase someone in a car that has a child in it.  

Please help.  Send as many emails and make as many calls as you can.  If you have staff, please have them all do the same.  I will send out an email letting you know if the bill passed or failed as soon as it happens.  So until you hear from me, assume the vote hasn’t taken place and keep calling and emailing.

Let’s get this important bill passed and turned into law!  Let’s help those who are chased in cars – especially the kids.

Go here for the list of Senators to contact:  http://www.paparazzi-reform.org/ab2479/

Even if you don’t live in California, contact them anyway!!  They need to know people care about this issue.

Thank you!

**** I made it simple for everyone and copied the emails right here.  Just copy all these emails and send them out ASAP***
Senator.Ashburn@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Cogdill@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Corbett@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Denham@senate.ca.gov, Senator.DeSaulnier@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Florez@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Hancock@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Leno@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Runner@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Simitian@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Steinberg@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Wiggins@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Wolk@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Yee@senate.ca.gov, Senator.Alquist@senate.ca.gov,Senator.Aanestad@senate.ca.gov

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Birthday Party - Sicky Dicky

I thought I would let everyone know about my birthday party tonight Aug. 17th 2010.  Sicky Dicky is putting on a very big crazy madness event and would love for all you to come out. 
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Model: Alex Papadopoulos - Video

Model:  Alex Papadopoulos - Video
Alex is with Next Models in LA.  Contact Click Here.

The other day my good friend Keegan Gibbs and I worked on a photo-shoot / video together.  Keegan and I are working on a lot of other projects together.  This is the video from our shoot, the still images will be up soon.

Check out Keegan's blog. http://thekeegangibbs.com/
This video was shot on the Canon 7D

Styled by Rock and Revolution
Check them out on Facebook

Let us know what you all think

Alex Papadopoulos from Keegan Gibbs on Vimeo.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jesse Jo - "Blue"

Today I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Jesse Jo Blue.  Jesse is an amazing young woman with so many different talents.  Singing is her main passion which she's currently working on her album.  She hopes to have it out this year.  

She is an extremely talented artists as well. She is head designer for Chrome Hearts which she designs everything not only jewls.  She also design's for Vans Shoes and clothing.

Jesse has a very unique style of her own, so for this shoot I really wanted to keep it simple and just shoot her being herself.  I chose not to work with a hair and make up artist or stylist because I wanted Jesse's natural look to come through.

This photo project is for a T-Shirt line I am producing with Anthony Petruso and myself.  These images are going to be printed on a shirt soon and will be available for purchase on my blog, so stay tuned to get  your limited addition one of a kind t-shirt.

Name: Jesse Jo Blue:
Hometown: lovers lane
Birthdate: april 4th
About you: I like to play and stud all day
Favorite beach: lil dume
Favorite music: joan jett hank III misfits aerosmith cher sex pistols
Favorite food: sushi
Plans for 2010: all ya gotta know is that I'm gonna kick some assssssssss
Quote: "once you learn what I already know we'll be together forever"

** Video from the shoot coming soon **

Some behind the scene photos from the shoot.

Stay updated with Jesse Jo Blue
Twitter: @jessejoblue

John Hildebrand Photography
Website: http://www.johnhildebrand.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/hildebrandphoto

Thanks so much Jesse again for taking time off your crazy day to do this with me.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photographers I Like - Christopher Kilkus

Christopher Kilkus Photography is a great photographer that I wanted to share with all of you.  Christopher has his look down and kills its on lighting.  Christopher has moved with the times in shooting stills and video for his clients.  He mayn't update his blog all that much but when he does its filled with all kinds of great info, video's and photography. 

Here is an image or two of his work.

Make sure to check out his work
Website: Christopher Kilkus Photography
Blog:  http://www.kilkus.com/blog/
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