Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planet Blue - Retouched Finals

Here are some more Planet Blue images I shot where we did some retouching to give a vibe.
Very simple lighting.  Back light from the sun and than sunbounced back into the models.  Go out and give this a try sometime.

If you would like to model for me for some of my shoots please email me a couple photos and all your contact info. To John Hildebrand Photography

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planet Blue - Coachella Bound Shoot

I have been shooting for Planet Blue website every Thursday for the past two weeks.  We just did a shoot themed Coachella, shot in the Malibu Hills at one of my brother's listings.  Check out Madison Hildebrand's website.  I am going to post my top photos from the shoots on my blog once a week, make sure to check it out. 
Thanks to everyone at Planet Blue and all the models so far.  Looking forward in branding PB's look more.
Also since I will be shooting once a week I need models.  If you would like work with me and model for Planet Blue please send me a couple photos of yourself and all your contact info.  Email me at

Follow Planet Blue  blog.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Caroline D’Amore Final Shoot Updates

Model / Actress / DJ Caroline D’Amore

Update from the Caroline D’Amore , photo shoot with did a little time ago.  Check out the last post with her. click here.  We had so much fun working together and hope to work more in the future.  These are some of the top images. 

Check out Caroline Facebook  

More images on my website.
Photographer: John Hildebrand

Photo Assistant: Kyle Sparks

Hair & Makeup: Cyvia Lewis

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Madison Hildebrand - Some of the Final Shots

Madison Hildebrand - Some of the Final Shots

A couple weeks ago I photographed my brother Madison Hildebrand for all kinds of press he needed.  Click on this link to watch the shoot.  Click Here

Here are some of the final images we can show you for now.


Make sure you take a look at my brothers book. 
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Taylor Olandt - Coogies Waitress

Taylor Olandt - Coogies Waitress

Last week Taylor and I took an hour to run to the beach and capture some classic Malibu swimsuit shots.  We started at Zuma and ended  up at Westward.  I met Taylor a few weeks ago at the local spot Coogies, where she works as a waitress.  She approached me out of nowhere.

Taylor:  It was not out of newhere, we had been facebook friends!!

John: Anyways, so she walks straight up to our table and asks, "Are you John Hildebrand"

T: Ya, and then nervously he's like, "um did we meet at a party? An I'm thinking, no you fool we did not meet at a party.  I'm one of your biggest fans.

J:  And so she continues to tell me that she has been following my blogs, facebook, twitter and my website.  Loves my work and after she left all my friends where like, "damn this girls hot.  She didn't even look at us, she was like zoned into you only"  ahahahhahah weird. 

T: So we became friends, and decided to have some fun and take out cloths off and shoot.

J: It funny how some things come together.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marketing For Photographer s

Marketing For Photographers

Possibly the most challenging aspect of photography is the self-marketing. I wanted to give you some insight of what I have been doing to find prospective clients and to maintain solid relationships with my current clientele. With the Internet now there are so many ways to network and advertise for free and through paid sites. Here are a couple tips and stuff that I do to continually market myself.
If you’re a photographer and trying to break into the commercial side of photography the must-have book is How to Succeed In Commercial Photography by Selina Maitreya. This is such a powerful book that keeps you motivated and filled with great tips from the best. 

Adbase: Just a great way to find new prospects quickly and easily.  Adbase is a full database, which gives you a list of publications across the US, advertising agencies, graphic designers and much more. Also, they are always working on updating the program to simplify it for you. They have a great email system that sends mass emails, tracks your emails and gives the client the option to easily opt out. (You don’t want to waste other people’s time or yours.) This program only works if you maintain it all the time, do your follow ups, and learn about the people you are contacting.  The other thing is its not cheap.

Social Medium Sites:  Since everyone is on the computer these days you must have all the social medium accounts to reach out and stay connected. Here is a list of the ones I use:
    (link them to my site)
•    Facebook
•    Twitter
•    Linked In

Photography Sites: Here some site you may want to join also, some are free and some you pay for.

Blogging:  I find blogging is another thing that helps build your name and viewers. It is a great tool to build a lot of traffic. Blogs also allow you to post images and write about them where you can’t really do this on your website. But if you’re going to start a blog be prepared to devote a lot time to constantly update it. I have noticed if you don’t update it at least 4 days a week you really loose your viewers / traffic.  A couple tips to get more traffic, make sure your entries are well written, videos are engaging, and comment on as many other blogs as you can.

Direct Mail and Phone Calls: Yes, after all this you still need to do direct marking and phone calls! Using your Adbase you will easily be able to make a list of clients you want to market. Art directors get thousands of promo cards in the mail each month so the chances of them seeing yours is about 1-2%. You’d better make your promo stand out and send them at least every 4-6 weeks. Every little bit will pay off. The cold calls are the hardest because everyone is over worked and under paid. If you finally get someone on the phone, it’s important to do your research on the company and leave open-ended questions. If the client is local try to arrange to meet them in person.

Here are some helpful blogs you may want to start reading to help you get started.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Archiving and Backing Up Photos

Archiving and Backing Up Your Photos

A crucial yet overlooked segment of maintaining a successful photography business is the process of archiving all your digital files and backing them up on your computer. With the digital world there are more images that are on your computer and more need to back everything up. You also want to be able to access your images quickly and easily when they’re needed. Here is an outline of how I do my workflow:

1.)    Make sure your work is ORGANIZED. You should be able to easily navigate, save, and locate files in an organized folder structure.  First step is naming your photos with the same format ever time you shoot. When I shoot I download the images onto my computer into Lightroom. My file naming is as follows: Name(or client)_Date_Image #.  Example: John_Smith_021610_083. Once all my images are imported into Lightroom,  you then want to name your images similarly for easier searching.

2.)    STORAGE MEDIUM. There are many different ways to go about this process – here is what I do: First and most important use portable, external hard drives; do not use DVDs or CDs. The external drives I use are G-Raid and Sans Digital .  For my internal drives I have 3 1TB hard drives on my Mac G5 Tower. External drives come in all sizes - 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB and much more. Once you figure out what hard drive size you need, purchase two of them – explanation to follow. Purchase more storage than you think you need because you will end up needed it.
You can get  your drive at B&H Photo

3.)    Backing Up and Copy Images. Once you figure what hard drives you’re using to store your images, then you’re ready for the next step. When I am finished uploading all my images to my working hard drive and into Lightroom . I copy this folder into one of my external hard drives right away. You want to have a back up of all your original images before you start making your edits and corrections. Example of my set up: I have an internal hard called ‘Scratch disk’. This drive is 1TB and it contains all of the current projects I working on at the moment. Once all my images are on this drive, I back up that folder right away to my external hard drive. My external Sans Digital , which has 4 hard drives, each 2TB.  Once it’s copied to that drive, it automatically backs it up to a second drive in my SD set up. This way I have three different places where my images are stored and backed up.  You can never be too careful with digital workflow. I have had drives crash and lose everything. Back it up twice at least.

4.)    Off-site back up. Once I have fully worked on a particular project and all my edits are done I repeat the steps in #3. Then I take it one step further to protect myself in case of worst-case scenarios – such as my studio burning down! I do a master backup of all my projects on to a G-Raid  and store it off-site. You can buy a fire safe and store them at your parent’s house, friend’s house or get a safe-deposit box. In doing this you will be able to sleep a little better at night…

One more thing, backing up your images only works if you maintain it. So find a system that works for you. Check out the including links above where you can purchase the hard drives and software needed. 
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Photo Printing - West Coast Albums

 As a photographer, it is a fundamental element of your business to constantly update your printed book and to have your presentation on point. I turned to West Coast Albums  to help me design a custom 60-page wedding album to show prospective clients. WCA specializes in creating high-end wedding albums, with many variations in types to cater to individual needs and styles. Their printing quality, regardless of size is of high caliber as well. Our next printed book will be a one-of-kind sleeveless album featuring the top fashion shots in my portfolio. WCA utilizes a coating process, which protects the prints from water, fingerprints and smudges, making the prints last much longer.

For all your high end printing needs.

Stay tuned to see this final book from West Coast Albums []… 
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keep Me Clothing Final Shots

These images are the final shots from Keep Me Clothing’sKeep Me’s line specializes in the softest and sexiest loungewear, be sure to visit their site:
We spend an entire day shooting over 15 looks, with a fun and amazing crew of people. Here is a taste of some of the top images- check out to view the rest.(images up soon)

Also make to check out the before shoot with keep me.

Special thanks to:
    Keep Me team: Ali Kay and Anne des Barres Check out the site.
    Model: Chelsea Salmon
    Stylist:  Anahit Eterie Minasyan
    Hair: Ryan Crupi
    Make Up: Megan Lanoux
    1st Photo Assistant: Kyle Sparks
    2nd Photo Assistant: Jeffrey Moustache
    Office Assistant: Desiree Asher

Special Thanks to B&H Photo.  The only place to get your gear.
Click Here.
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