Monday, August 31, 2009

Malibu Invitational

The Malibu Invitational was another great event, full of good surf, hot sun and raising money for my boy Lyon. I can't really show you a lot of the photos yet because I am sending them to press. Here are some of the photos from the event. I will show you all the photos once they go into press.

Big Thanks To Our Presenter PRIMO Beer, Tony T's and Ola's Mexican Grill for feeding the beach, Gatorade for keeping us hydrated, and to All Of Our Sponsors for contributing yet again this year to our event.

Hosted By: Freedom Artists, Val Surf, Sicky Dicky,, Duke's Malibu, Malibu Magazine, Chateau Ste Michelle Wine Estates, and Stockholm Krystal Vodka.

Sponsored By: Fuel TV, DVS, Surfline, VonZipper, RVCA, Quiksilver, O'neill, Rusty, DC, Matix, Vestal, Volcom, Vans, Skullcandy, Body Glove, Ransenberg Financial & Insurance Services, and Steven Lippman PrintFilm Inc.

Contributing Friends: Nixon, Billabong, Spy Optics, Lost, Sector 9, Girl Skateboards, Famous Wax, Hurley, Anthony Bevilacqua, Danny Fuller, Bill Parr, and The Los Angeles Lakers.

Just want to thank everyone who helped make this event possible.

The morning of the second day at 530am. The fires made a great sunrise.
Matt Rapf made is surfboard to Dusty Peak
This is the kid that all this is for, Lyon Herron
My boy Beau Bright gets a ticket from the cops in Malibu. He was just riding his bike with his headphones on. The cop wasn't to nice, fully putting him in hand cuffs in front of everyone and searching him. Beau didn't have his ID on him because he's going to the beach, of course the cop give him all kinds of crap for not having it. Good luck with this Beau. Thanks for the classic photos
These next couple of photos was for the Thera Surf put on by Jimmy Gamboa.

Tim Curran won the Malibu Invitational again for the second time. Once again he was super cool to give the $1500 check back to Lyon for his foundation and to help save his life. We can't thank Tim enough. Check out his music on myspace.
Lyon and his mother Barbie Herron, glad for another great event can't wait until next year.
Make sure you all look at the site and if you can make a donation.

View more photos at

1st Place - Jake Kelly
2nd Place - Skylar Lawson
3rd Place - Chance Lawson
4th Place - Theo Lewitt

Malibu Legends
1st Place - Allen Sarlo
2nd Place - John McClure
3rd Place - Steven Lippman
4th Place - Evan Caples

1st Place - Tim Curran
2nd Place - Justin Swartz
3rd Place - Dillon Perillo
4th Place - Ricky Whitlock

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Malibu Invitational

Haven't had much time to update my blog this month because I am helping put together the 3rd annual Malibu Invitational. I will be taking a lot of photos of this event so stay tuned. Below is all the info and links the websites. I hope you all will come out and support this great cause.

Saturday Night we are also having the after party at Dukes.

Contributing Friends

Nixon, Billabong, Spy Optics, Sector 9, Girl Skateboards, Famous Wax, Hurley, Anthony Bevialcqua, Danny Fuller, Bill Parr, and The Los Angeles Lakers

Top Qualifying Jr/Groms (17under)

Colton Sarlo, Sebastian Mendez, Theo Lewitt, Skylar Lawson, Thelen Worrell, Dane McCrystal, Shane Borland, Duke Van Patten, Jake Kelly, Frankie Harrer, Riley Garrison, Chadler Parr, Chance Lawson, Tyler Morris, Mickey Clarke, Lyon Herron, Biggie Murray, Jimbo Borland, Andrew Jacobsen, and Connor Lundy.

Confirmed “Pro” Surfers

Dane Reynolds, Jon Rose, Ricky Whitlock, Brendan Hearne, Dan Fowler, Ian Zambora, Kelly Zaun, Dane Zaun, Evan Mendelhson, Anthony Petruso, Killian Garland, Strider Wasilewski, Quinn McCrystal, Chris Darrah, Dillon Perillo, Pascal Stansfield, Michael Schwimer, Keoni Cuccia, , Louis Tesoro, Conrad Carr, Josh Curran, Kalani Robb, Pete Mussio, Reef McIntosh, Frank Tesoro, Noah Erickson, Yves Bright, Colin Giles, Justin Swartz, Sean Johnson, Ted Navarro, Jordan Tappis, Kyle Knox, Dave Hopkins, Danny Estes, Tuffer Marsolek, Love Hodell, Reed Farrer, Tom Landouchie, John Amezcua, Chad Wells, Donald Day, Pat Towersey, Blair Marlin, Julian Wilson, Dennis Rizzo, Matt Shadbolt, Keegan Gibbs, Chad Eastman, and Tim Curran.

$85 Entry Payable to ValSurf and Sent To: 4810 Whitsett Ave., Valley Village, Ca., 91607. Attn: Tanna or $125 Beach Entry $3,000 purse.

Confirmed “Legends” Surfers

Allen Sarlo, Dale Rhodes, Lee Westfall, Dave White, Ricky Schaffer, Andy Lyon, Toby Lamm, Steve Dunn, Bill Parr, Steven Lippman, Danny Klein, Joey Jenkins, Jeff Higginbotham, Donnie Wilson, Mike Marcellino, Craig Kozlewski, Jay Riddle, Mark Richards, Mike Lamm, Scott Daly, Evan Caples, Ian Warner, Tom Daniels, Sebastian Franklin, Kirk Murray, David Carter, Glen Kennedy, Carlos Del Olmo, Tony Zapatta, Christian Anderson, Joe Everett, John Baker, Matt Rapf. Scott Anderson, John McClure, Mitch Taylor, Solo Scott, Bobby Keith, Tim Ryan, and Simon Snyder.

TheraSURF, Saturday at 11:40am

Jimmy Gamboa, Ryan Conder, Kalani Robb, and Skylar Peak


Saturday check-In 7am
Legends start 7:20am

Sunday check-In 6:20am
Legends start 7am


August 29th and 30th, 2009 (Malibu, CA) Pascal Stansfield and Patrick Jensen of Freedom Artists, Skylar Peak and John Hildebrand of Sicky Dicky Productions, Seumas Santoro of Podium Distribution, Jordan Tappis of Bros, Jason Rouse of Malibu Magazine, Steven Lippman of Steven Lippman Print + Film Inc., Josh Morgan of Duke's Malibu, Brian Rogers of Chateau Michelle, Everyone @ Primo Beer, and myself Brandon Richards along with Chris Duffy, Blake Richards, and Doug Anderson of Val Surf present "The 3rd Annual Malibu Invitational" to benefit young Point Dume Surfer Lyon Herron beat his fight with Gardner's Syndrome.

Lyon was first diagnosed with Gardner's Syndrome when he was 6 years young and has been fighting this disease for the past 13 years. Lyon is a Viking, has a heart of Gold, and is always smiling happy! He loves the ocean, he loves to surf and skate, and he truly loves his life. Lyon has shown me strength and inspiration, and more importantly reminded everyone whom he has touched to appreciate every minute of everyday. We love you Lyon! Please View The Lyon Heart Documentary to Learn More About Lyon and His Story


Malibu is the birthplace of modern day 'hotdog' or high performance surfing. It was great to see a short board event held at Malibu. The vibe was community, I was surfing with my good friends from the 'Val' , Point Dume , and The 'Bu' and we were all joined in unity for a common and wonderful cause to help support, motivate, and honor a young surfer. In this celebration of performance surfing we are all winners. My praise and Gods blessings goes out to Lyon in his speedy recovery."
--- 2007 "Malibu Legend" Champion, Allen Sarlo

Online Coverage from 2008

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Phone Images

Just walking around bored taking photos with the I Phone.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Tribute To Dusty Peak

Today goes out to my best friends Dad, Dusty Peak. We love you and will miss you so much.
The grief of today will pass, and it will be time to remember, to celebrate an amazing life, one lived all the way. Through our stories, we celebrate the life and legacy of Dusty Peak.

We want to hear from you. Tell us your stories, post your pictures, share the memories large and small!

Please visit the site and leave your thoughts
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meteor Showers in Malibu

Went out last night to try and get some shots of the big Meteor Shower. We all stayed out until 3am and really didn't see much. But here is one photo from the night that was ok.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I had some free time on Sunday and my friend really wanted photos of her dog. The dog is for sure one of a kind with all her little outfits. Goodtimes.
this was on the iphone

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I am working on my marketing campaign to find some new clients. I thought I would share my promos with everyone. In photography marketing is everything, being a great photographer doesn't mean anything if nobody sees your work.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full Moon - Malibu, CA

Last night we had a full moon and I decided to wake up to take some photos. All these photos where photographed from 11pm - 2am last night in Malibu. Also no photoshop to any of the images. All shot on my Canon 5D Mark II.
Exposure: 63 sec @ F16 ISO 400
Exposure: 90 sec @ F16 ISO 400

Exposure: 60 sec. @ F11 ISO 400

Exposure: 30 Sec @ F2.8 ISO 100
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Signing Your Prints

I've been ask this question over and over again. I didn't know the answer for my first art opening show about signing prints. I thought all this info would be helpful to everyone.

Photographers exhibiting in contemporary galleries sign their prints on the back of the print, also called the reverse, or verso, and not on the front of the print.

Sign in the upper left hand or lower right hand corner of the print, inside the print area (remember on the back of the print), and not on the border.
You should include the following:
Title of the piece
Year that the image was taken
Edition size
Year that the image was printed (If you desire)
Copyright (Suggested)
Your signature
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Phone Images

I have decided to make myself shoot more and one way is to shoot my I Phone a lot. I am going to shoot 5 - 500 images a day. This will help my get creative. Also make me think of shots I want to do with models and finding new locations. All shots where shot on I Phone and not retouched at all.

If you are a photographer I would start shooting a lot on the I Phone.

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