Thursday, July 30, 2009

Altered Echoes - Band Shoot

Sometime ago I got to photograph the start of this band Altered Echoes. They got the full band together now and will be hitting the road soon. Make sure you check them out. Click here to view music.

Since they got the full band together we had to re shoot. We started at the same location as last time but got kick out by some random ass. Ended up being ok since we found another location with better shots than the first location.

The Band
Jeremy Najjar - Lead Vocals
Damon Webb - Bass, Backing Vocals
Tai Vare- Guitar - Backing Vocals
Johnny Zambetti - Rhythm Guitar
Ron Strauss - Drums
The first location.
Shot with Canon 5D Mark II
ISO 100 F16 @ 200
Lighting: Profoto pack with 2 heads over powering the sun by 1 stop.

Second location
Shot with Canon 5D Mark II
ISO 200 F11 @ 100
Lighting: Natural sunlight coming in from camera right, Sunbounce on camera
left to fill in the left side of the band.

Second location
Shot with Canon 5D Mark II
ISO 200 F11 @ 100
Lighting: Natural sunlight coming in from camera right, Sunbounce on camera
left to fill in the left side of the band.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Solana Beach, CA Triathlon

On July 26, 2009 after many months of training my mom Wendy and my brother Wayne did their first Triathlon in San Diego. The Triathlon breaks down as a half-mile swim in the ocean (on one of the biggest swells of the year), 9-mile bike ride, and a 3-mile run. Up against another 1,000 crazy people, ages 15 – 87. Yes, I did say 87 and his time would have been better than my time if I were to try this but I am not that stupid.

My mom came in from Texas and my brother came in from Arizona to run this California Triathlon. Since this was their first triathlon with many more to come I had to document the event. I wanted my story to show the viewers all the work that goes into a triathlon from the beginning to the end. In shooting this event I wanted to capture the fun, the pain and the energy it takes a person to push their limits. Giving these shots more of a photojournalism feel made me enjoy shooting.

yes we got up at 4:57 AM
Getting his Herbalife protein shake.
Our entry numbers.
Preparing mentally.
Identifying our age groups.
Our swim, bike, run changing station.
Our swim, bike, run changing station.

Breath, Breath, Breath.

Wanye is amped for his 3-mile run almost done.
Told him to just start knocking people out so you are the only one in the swim.
Starting off on the bike ride.
Is he into this?????

Top 12 in her swim

Running off to the bike. (is she ready)

Finished the swim faster than we all thought in the top 15 out of 140.

Wayne starting his swim.

Look waves LOLOLOL

Starting off the 9-mile bike ride.
Finish the last turn on the bike.
Still happy about doing this swim.

Wow the waves are big.
Last turn pushing it hard.
It's over get me food and my diet coke NOW!!!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Florence - Female Model

Florence came to my studio today to meet about getting back into modeling. We did some very fast simple digital Polaroids.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bloods and Crips Made in America

Bloods and Crips Made in America
Thought I would share this with everyone who hasn't seen this. From Stacy Peralta the director of Dogtown and the Z Boys and Riding Giants. What he is doing is powerful. Make sure to watch the video and check out the website. One day it would be super cool to put together a project like this.

The Video's

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bowling in Hollywoodweird

Bowling in Hollyweird, CA. Went out bowling last night and messed around with one of my favorite toys the Canon G9 camera, wanting the G10 now.

We all had to eat first in order to bowl better. Shot on the i phone.

This kid is the man so classic and pretty much kicked our asses in bowling.

This is what goes down when there's no surf for pro surfer Anthony Petrusco,
he goes pro at bowling.

She was hoping to win so Anthony could teach her how to surf
LOLOLOL maybe next time. i phone photo.

No joke you better "lock up your daughter's now"


Bowling in Hollyweird from Sicky Dicky on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Did some head shots for this model Chris W. We shot in my house for about 1 hr. This is for the lady's.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Architecture Promo Ideas

Thought I would share with you all my new promo email cards for my Architecture work. I am sending this promo to all kinds of art directors that will hopefully want to work with me. These promo's will be a series of promos going out every couple of weeks with a new photo and new word going with the image.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON Public Memorial Service

Yes I went to the Michael Jackson Tribute Memorial today and last night. JD Tartol and myself went late Monday night so we didn’t have to deal with traffic. Thanks to John Tartol from Herbalife he got us a hotel room at the Holiday Inn right across the street from the Staples Center. Right in the mix of it all and we got prime parking. The city of Los Angeles, CA did such a great job on crowd control but it made it harder to get the crazy photos. They wouldn’t let anyone near the Staples Center unless you had wristbands. We got ours because we had a room at the Hotel, which pretty much saved us. Not sure how we pulled it off but we where able to walk everywhere taking photos. Didn’t take as many photos as I wanted because there were about 10,000 photographers, video cameras, news reports, IPhones and much more. The news today was the news.

If you would like to purchase any photos from this event just email me.
The night before.
She Claims to be the biggest fan ever.

The streets where all blocked off the night before, the cops had downtown on lock
The Holiday Inn we stayed in, over looking the staples center.
The next morning they finally start letting people in but only in small numbers.

Some people where waiting over 3hrs to sign this MJ wall.
I want this jacket super classic
The news today for sure was the news. Never have I seen in my life so many different kinds of news media from all over the world.
Thanks to Herbalife we got to chill upstairs with the view pointing right at the staples center.
The was the view from the Herbalife office, once again thanks John Tartol

Pretty much every kind of cop was there in full force.
This was the scence on every street corner around the Staples Center they where not letting anyone in with the right wristbands.
One of the lucky people who had a ticket.

This lady went all out on her outfit.

LOLOLOL you have no idea how classic this guy was on directing traffic soooo classic wow.

Wait is that Michael???
These walls where pretty cool but no way I wanted to wait in line.

All ages made it out today. These kids even knew how to do the moonwalk.

Just showing us some photos of MJ.

This lady made a full dress out of MJ buttons.
All kinds of street vender's trying to make that buck.

These kids where watching tv of the MJ tribute and where loosing it. You couldn't believe on how other photographers where running over to get photos of them crying.
She was trying to make that dollar but was super not happy.

This guy is just so happy.

Daddy's little girls, must be from Beverly Hills.

Yes this guy is for real.

Its over everyone rushing out.


Michael Jackson Tribute from Sicky Dicky on Vimeo.

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